MARATHA INTERNATIONAL “Motivate Appreciate Respect Acclaim Train Help Award”
Slogan - HAR HAR MAHADEV || हर हर महादेव || "Honor Award Respect Help Acclaim Reward Motivate Appreciate Harness Associative Development & Effective Vigilance"

MARATHA (Motivate, Appreciate, Respect, Acclaim, Train, Help, Award)

Is a federation of young professionals and entrepreneurs. MARATHA is also considered as a global community, leadership, personality and business development movement or initiative.

MARATHA is a concept that was born during 1995 - 1996 where a group of individuals at the City of Pune, State Of Maharashtra, India thought it was a dire need of the time to build a group of like minded individuals who believe in growing in all aspects of the life as a team of friends. Since then MARATHA movement has developed strong holds in most of the UN Registered countries and is steadily growing. During the year 2000 - 2002 the concept MARATHA moved from the status of "a simple concept" to rather more of "a community development initiative or movement".

MARATHA has grown up to be an organization that manufactures leaders for all distinctive sections of the community. MARATHA believes in 7 principles "Sapta Rushi" of life, principles when practiced methodologically can assist the global good in channelizing the community efforts in rather more development prone initiatives. All the 7 principles of MARATHA are coexisting in nature none holding more importance or precedence over the other. It is the methodological collective practice of these principles that lead to building of a successful tomorrow one may be always dreaming about.

MARATHA Leadership is serving the community to create Leaders in all aspects of the community and is not limiting itself to create only business leaders. As per the newer goals set by MARATHA Leadership, there was a need found to redefine the acronym "JCI" (Junior Chamber International). MARATHA Leadership as of July 2010 onwards will now call "JCI" as "Junior Citizens of India" where the age limit for juniors will follow the Indian National standard of defining youngsters who are below the age of 65 years. On this occasion MARATHA Leadership has redefined the age limit of its Family Of Elders as per Indian National standards of senior citizens to be in the age limit of 65 years and above.
From now on MARATHA Leadership's chapters JCI Pune MARTHA and JCI San Fernando Valley MARTHA will carry the new "JCI - Junior Citizens of India" acronym for its chapter names.

JCI Defined - MARATHA Leadership establishes an innovative and explorative organization under in the name of "Junior Citizens Of India - JCI" that will adhere to the principles of non-monetary, non-political, non-religious and non-communal.
"(JCI) Junior Citizens Of India" a concept that resides upon the principle of "Shakha Chandra Nyay (शाखा चन्द्र न्याय)" - means a small initiative that leads to a complete redefinition of community science.

"Shakha Chandra Nyay (शाखा चन्द्र न्याय)" principle was used by Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj during 13th Century to introduce innovative community development techniques, during 16th Century Saint Tukaram introduced "Shakha Chandra Nyay (शाखा चन्द्र न्याय)" within innovations in Social Arena and Saint Samartha Ramdas Swami utilized "Shakha Chandra Nyay (शाखा चन्द्र न्याय)" at the national administrative level which was further implied into The MARTHA Empire under the prominent leadership of Shri Shivajiraje Bhosale.

MARATHA often receives surprise oblations from estates of friends. Many a times these blessings are never revealed, although your kindness is well appreciated and we are very thankful to all your initiatives that lead to the common good. Its our Honor and Pride to have you as part of our world-wide family.

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Motivate - Motivate community to attain collective success in development initiatives.

Appreciate - Appreciate every small and large achievements of the community that has lead to overall community development.

Respect - Respect all from the youngest to the oldest for their positive participations in development.

Acclaim - Acclaim the smallest of successes to the largest ones put forth for any amount of effort of the community.

Train - Provide training to the community to acquire collective goals and milestones.

Help - Help all in need irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion, nationality, origin, age and views.

Award - Award every achievement of those who strive hard to methodologically progress with collective efforts initiative.

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